Celestial Deconstruction

by Human End

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Experience X-002

Digital bonus: all four tracks as instrumental versions


released July 30, 2013

All tracks written & produced by Human End



all rights reserved


Cathartic Noize Experience Zürich, Switzerland

Cathartic Noize Experience is a non-commercial, Swiss based record label dealing mainly with experimental and sophisticated Speed- and Extremecore. Awaiting the days when our civilisation fades, our sound shall be the soundtrack for eschaton until the imminent end of all time ... more

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Track Name: Celestial Deconstruction
Wastelands where had been beauty,
Barren lands and barren souls,
Wandering deserted shores,
Wandering forevermore.

Eyes that burn but cannot see,
Mouths that speak but cannot tell,
Scars in mind and scars in flesh,
Angels ones, before darkness fell.

Ravagers of Faith,
The Endtime has begun!

The fallen, ones where mighty beings,
Now shadows only, draped in filth,

Barred theeth in ferocious hunger,
Scavengers reborn to kill,
Behold the ruins of human glory,
Mindless zombies from endtime hell.

Delivered the world to darkness,
Now evolutions wheel turned back,
In desperation the last survivours,
They fight the terror as day turnes black.

The Endtime has begun,
Human End has come!

Redemption will not come,
The Endtime has begun!

Forgotten are the days of promise,
Now is lost what we can’t rebuilt,
A last stand against the darkness,
A beacon of light lingers still.

Engines of death and darkness,
Crushing hope beneath their tracks,
Bow to darkness or be destroyed,
The lords of chaos reign supreme.

War, this is your destiny,
Bound to kill and bound to die.

Pestilence will eat your soul,
Fear will howl in the dark,
Corruption of the Innocent,
A maelstrom of insanity.

When everything is ground to dust,
In 1000 years the weels will turn,
The circle of life will be complete,
Celestial light will darkness burn.

But until then, we have to suffer,
Until then we have to pay,
For our lies and our failures,
The deconstruction of the human race.

Redemption will not come,
The Endtime has begun!
Track Name: Rage Unleashed
Rage unleashed!

Screaming in rage,
Covered in gore,
Nightshadow terrors,
Scream for your blood.

Ripping, smashing,
tearing apart,
We are destroyers,
Created for war.

Darkness within,
And Darkness without,
We are the bringers,
Of sorrow and pain.

Darkness within,
And Darkness without,
We are destroyers,
Unleash the rage.

Rage unleashed!

The age of damnation,
Of war and pain,
We are;
Angels of death.

Lords of destruction,
Bringers of death,
We bring you;
The apocalypse.

Darkness within,
And Darkness without,
We are destroyers,
Unleash the rage!
Track Name: Absolution in Fire
Kill, destroy,
Now it’s time to fight.

Now it’s time to fight.

Warlords of the greater darkness,
Night has fallen,
On your mighty kind.

of your destiny,
Raise your weapons,
Execute the weak.

Maim and kill,
For your heathen gods,
Slay the bastards,
Condemn their souls to fire.

Look into their eyes,
When life runs…
…through your bloody fingers,
And their souls cry for mercy.

It is now,
That the unbelievers…
…are rising
From the shackles of their misery.

From the flames of redemption,
Mighty Angel,
The bringer of death.

Wants to go to heaven,
But nobody,
Wants to die first.

I am,
Your redeemer,
I bring you absolution,
Through fire and pain!
Track Name: Remembrance
Shadows of the past.

Enchanted by the mists,
Of time and of oblivion,
Traces of the past,
My journey will forever last.

Spirits of the past,
Where did you go?
Calling out the ghosts,
The lost and the forgotten.

Take my hand,
Trembling in the dark,
Take me with you on a journey,
A journey to remembrance.

Shadows of the past
Those we lost so long ago,
Those who will never see the light of day again,
The travellers of roads forgotten.

Take my hand,
Trembling in the dark,
Take me with you on a journey,
A journey to remembrance,
A journey to remembrance.

And as I leave this world,
Passing to the Neverlands,
I see the stars, see the light,
Illuminate eternal night.

Call my name,
Embrace the darkness!

Forces of the Netherworlds,
Open the gates,
We have arrived!

Shadows of the past

Traveller of Time and Space,
Enthralled by the journey,
Now I see clearly,
The lost and the forgotten.

The pain and the anquish,
The sacrifice they made,
Come to remember,
I’m swept away by sadness.

Take my hand,
Trembling in the dark,
Comdemned to sorrow,
Forever lost!